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Warlocks and necromancers have their own tales

September 12, 2020
Drama Noir - A Necromancy Lore

The dark intrigue and narration of the witch in the atmosphere of spicy desert vortices anticipates the development of the oriental theme into the sound of Desert Draconids composition, complementing the restrained vortices of drive with shades of oriental themes, and combining the musical unity of such contrasting elements at the beginning of the Drama Noir - A Necromancy Lore album. The Chaos Melathron music intensifies the severity of a mid-tempo march, approaching the drive of a fast pace, vocals crowns the musical image with emotional fury.
Forcing the harsh stubbornness of the mid-tempo march, the Luminous Seduction sometimes explodes into whirlwinds of irrepressible drive. This musical narration is crowned with the background echoes of keyboard symphonies. The Devolution in the Curve of Time track explodes into a race of fast-paced musical thriller, winding the vocals in a spiral of guitar fury while retaining the same background of keyboard symphony. The Last Incarnation continues the musical style of the previous composition, but pushes vocal rage to the forefront of the musical image, complementing this deadly drive with the mesmerizing melodism of instrumental bridges.
The muted reflections of a mysterious lady, shrouded in the hazy veil of musical mysticism, create an intriguing atmosphere of the intriguing atmosphere, then the Relics of My Enemies heats up the atmosphere of a stubborn drive, combining vocal hardened to growling with background vocal backing, entwined with dense guitar passages, crowning this musical narration with covers of keyboard background. But vocals sometimes turn into screaming and appeal to a rapid whirlwind of musical speed. The acoustic tenderness of the guitar solo with indistinct tunes in the background creates an epic atmosphere of the Witched Curse forgotten fairy tale, but then the vocals complement this musical narration with the significance of their phrases. The Cyber Necromancer of Doom accomplishes the album with an unbridled drive of a fierce musical thriller, combining the dominance of vocals with the melodism of bridges with wordless chorals.