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War for the throne fills realm with blood

March 24, 2021
Thron (RUS) - Thron Will Be Ours

The title composition begins the T.H.R.O.N. - Thron Will Be Ours release, uncontrollably, tightly and clearly by the origins of the style - argh! The times of youth rebel from the depths of consciousness, rejecting the difference in time and searched the technical problems of those times. The guitar solo enjoy the fascinating melodism, then facing the basis of the leitmotifs in the Master of the Forest song, which the return of epic appeals of ancient legends, bringing some kind of celtic folklore motifs.
Sealing music to the medium-level procession and giving the vocal party shades of rod, the Crosses Are Burning marching at first in the mid-tempo procession of the combat march, then shuffling vocal reflections by the coverings of viking saga. The Vernal Equinox is being built by the vortex of the unrestrained drive, a wobble, whining the vocal party by the blizzard of guitar passages.
The swirl of the vortex of the pestician barbaric saga, the Under Barbarian Sun increases the vocal phrases to the top of the musical waves, rolling with them the unrestrained jet of the musical drive with notes of the melodes on the crest of musical waves. Music and vocals are twisted in a single storm of the Lost Light of Paganism viking saga, slowing down after the frenzy of instrumental bridges for the sake of vocal significance. The Born in the Battle completes the album with the dark majesty of medium-graded hymn, pulsating and driven musical tacts into the depths of the listeners.