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Wanderings leaves so many impressions

July 19, 2019
Thorondir - Des Wandrers Mar

PrologChorales and organ saga are Prolog to the Thorondir - Des Wandrers Mar album. Developing an orchestral melody and filling it with epic power, Rache Durch Das Schwert continues the musical narration, complementing the sound with majestic power and imparting swiftness and drive with the introduction of the vocal.
Raising the veil of ancient legends about the moon devouring the sun and the wolf Fenrir at the forefront Fenriswolf continues the conceptual narrative. The enchanting sacrament of the Dunkle Zeichen introduction continues with an epic musical narration, alternating swift drive and brooding twilight and intertwining lace of alternating vocal styles. Particular attention should be paid to the instrumental part, which is completed with a magnificent hymn with growling vocals.
The dancing drive of Thoron, braided by threads of sparkling melodies, continues the musical work, shrouded in the trends of ancient legends. The restrained drive of Tiefe Narben musical narration with fascinating vocal phrases, enveloped in the veils of an enchanting symphony, culminates in the sound of a burning bonfire, howling wolf and brooding Den Goettern Zu Ehr symphony interlacing the orchestral laces in musical mystery. In Der Weite Ein Licht builds a musical temple of orchestral passages, raising the banner of the majestic and valiant anthem. The Das Totenheer Von Barathir introduction weaves a fascinating musical riddle, then the musical canvas unravels the threads of this task. The majestic ballad Durch Des Adlers Augen continues the conceptual saga, intertwining vocal and musical delights in a mesmerizing mosaic. Schwarze Flut continues the album with an even more fascinating ballad, but with the introduction of vocals, it is transformed into a mid-tempo march alternating vocal parts of screaming and growling. Berserkerwut completes the album fascinating restrained drive, carrying away in the impetuousness of this musical dance on so mysterious path. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo introduces first a bit of romance, then transforms its sound with a magnificent banner and brings the completion of the composition closer. Epilog resets the curtain of the musical saga to the sound of a fire and the obscure tunes of the invisible fairy.