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Walking on the edge between light and darkness

August 27, 2017
 Blue Dawn - Edge of Chaos

Mysterious, sacral and mysterious motifs of instrumental intry The Presence begins the Blue Dawn - Edge of Chaos album!
Viscous, dense instrumental motives laces with their hard, weighty influence Sex (Under a Shell) sound, male vocal follows that as well. Female vocal opposite, bright and charmingly brings a spark of passion.
Burdensome viscid darkness does not let go, but it sparkles key passages, paying tribute to the legends of 60's music. The Perfect Me charmingly combines the mystery of music and vocal phrases, swirling in a whirlwind of young energy into the unknown heavens.
Instrumental saga Serpent's Tongue creates such a multifaceted and diverse musical picture, then catching up with the wave of drive, then bringing to the forefront pensive keyboard passages. This can be written for a long time - but only listening will leave impressions The reference to the title of the album Dancing on the Edge of Chaos begins with a lyrical ballad, male vocals resonate with the saxophone. Then the singing lady joins this romantic extravaganza. Changing roles and complementing each other with their own shades creates such charming, exciting musical image.
Wandering Mist in the instrumental mystery covers the impenetrable fog, hiding from the sight and enveloping it with cosmic keyboard notes. In the gloomy haze of mystical ghosts, the singing lady among the Black Trees singing begins this legend, then the male vocal takes on a dominant role - this duet is completed by a powerful wave of instrumental celebration.
Doubts and experiences flow in gloomy uncertainty with Burst of Life, music staggers from side to side, pulsing with an uncertain step.
Paying tribute to unforgettable legends Sorrows of the Moon, Celtic Frost cover, exalts anxiety and emotions with a keynote, then driving his interpretation of this unforgettable composition into the cornerstones of ghostly roads.
The deep abyss of musical experience envelops the impenetrable darkness, in the enchanting romance of the evil spells of the demonic Baal's Demise. The solo saxophone anticipates the introduction of vocals, but vocals complement instrumental passages only by wordless chants.
Twilight in her gothic style, Unwanted Love completes the album in a pensive fog of disappointment, reflected in the broken glass of an empty wineglass with vocal duet of the emotional lady and restrained wise guide.