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Walking life path like bogging in the sands of time

March 15, 2021
Redd Barron - Sands of Time

Insistently, rebelliously and persistently, the King of the Hill song rolls in waves of mid-tempo drive, starting the musical procession of the Redd Barron - Sands of Time album. The Edge sounds a bit more driving, increasing the emotional pressure of the vocal phrases with the support of the musical passages.
Slowly, pensively, and gravely, the Shadow Man walks surrounded by an atmosphere of light sadness. The Not Enough Time composition rolls on with the rhythmic sound of a battle march. The Game track intrigues with the intro guitar solo, which then transforms into the main motif of the musical image, supplemented with sparkling guitar passages and emotional vocal phrases.
The title track Sands of Time captivates with its wistfulness and unhurried march of enchanting melody. The intro guitar solo is enchanting and twists the spiral rings of the Same Old Story song's main motif. Rolling in waves of rhythmic musical sound, the Full Circle track somewhat subdues the drive with the introduction of the vocals, completely slowing down in the chorus.
The somber musical passages are combined with vocal doubts in the sound of the Nightmare composition. The Caution to the Wind song rolls the wheels of the musical drive, summing up the musical bars with rhythmic bangs, preparing for the mysterious drive of the Man with Two Faces final composition.