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Waiting is always depressing

September 14, 2021
 Waiting For Eternity - Waiting For Eternity

An inspirational music story of the Until Now song begins the Waiting For Eternity - Waiting For Eternity album's musical narration, combining with the entry of vocals a few musical styles in the verses, returning to the ascended mood in the bridge preceding the chorus and chorus itself.
The Blink composition continues the musical sound of thoughtful romanticism that sound close to the ballad. The Find A Trace song completely reaches a ballads melodism, complementing the emotional ascension vocal with a soft chime of guitar strings.
The vocal party goes to the forefront of The Long Walk musical image, the special decoration of the sound of which gives fascinating instrumental part's guitar solo and guitar riffs of the main motive. The Weight song continues the dominance of vocals to the sound, having vocal phrases on the ridges of musical waves of the mid-tempo march.
The soft and tender I Don't Know ballad begins the acoustic chime of guitar strings, then complemented by vocal feeling and passion. The Blindfold composition converts rolling with the waves of the drive in joining, tool bridges and chowers, complementing the sound of vocals thought in the verses. The Trees song completes the album acoustic romance.