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February 23, 2020
Akando - Attack From Ambush

The Oath Of Revenge narrative of a forgotten sage, shrouded in an epic atmosphere of folk tunes introduces the features of the conquest of America by Europeans and the attitude of the indigenous people of these continents. An explosion of drive that weaves the angry canvas of mesmerizing melody continues the Akando - Attack From Ambush album, enveloping the Reservation vocal part with a tunnel of musical anger, introducing whirlwinds of guitar solo in instrumental bridges. Then ritual tunes and vocal transformations bring epic shades to the composition.
The mid-tempo procession of Raven Mocker proud march entwines the vocal phrases with the bands of the sound of the main motive. But in the chorus, the music and vocals are intertwined in a bewitching dance, complementing the scrim-growling of the main part with a background of deep growling. The pulsating intro, mysterious vocal omens elevate banners of significance in the Wakan Tanka Nici Un chorus. The dance of Heavy Runner Massacre deadly drive intertwines in an uncontrollable stream of musical fury, crowned with emotional vocal appeals.
Epic sacraments is arising from nonexistence, the storyteller at first speaks a sign, but then the Ancient Voices music, with a gloomy army of unrestrained drive, twists a canvas of incredibly mesmerizing artistry, jointly juggling with variations of the rhythmic component of the song. A furious drive, shrouded in the mystery of the mysterious echo of folklore exhortations, weaves several styles together, giving the Two Wolves Dwell In Me music some shades of northern folklore - an epic melodic death typical of northern peoples...or not?
Ascending the banners of the chosen heroes Death Song rushes first to a medium-tempo procession, but then flies away in an unbridled drive of irreconcilable militancy. The gloomy procession of The March Of A Thousand Miles epic march, topped with the enchanting melody of a keyboard symphony, continues the album with a mystery of thought. At first, exploding with an uncontrolled drive, Hold On For Your Life finishes with a brief summarizing it, stonely completing a forgotten tale.