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Vultures devour the flesh, enslavers devour the mind

December 26, 2019
Sandglass - Vultures

The pulsating dance of a groovy musical drive begins the Sandglass - Vultures album, then the vocals complement the musical image with a combination of harsh shades, introducing fragments of recitative in some phrases and controlling the rhythmic structure of the Holy Wood musical canvas. The buzzing whirlwinds of guitar solos precede and develop into the sound of the main motive, then the Shards Of Memory composition is based on a dispute and the alternation of vocal styles. The tunes of the radio broadcast are preceding an explosion of unbridled musical drive, then the Conversion mid-tempo pulsation returns to the combination and debate of vocal styles.
The vocal part comes to the forefront of the Bow To None musical image, the procession of musical passages complements the vocal reflections, raising the harsh to the top and complementing them with a growling background. The final part of the composition is created by folklore chorales.
The mid-tempo procession of the Wings composition expands the album’s stylistic framework, giving the musical passages spicy shades of oriental folklore and replacing the pulsating rhythmic harsh vocals tunes with emotional screaming and recitative. Hammer beats end with slamming rhythms and the painful buzz of guitar riffs completes the I instrumental track, which acts as the introduction of The Gales song, rolling in the harsh waves of a medium-tempo drive, marching on the march of an unyielding thriller with a recitative vocals fragments.
VulturesThe title composition transforms the musical sound into a more severe drive, shrouded in the echoes of melodic experiences, however, giving the significance of the lyrics significant sense. Bulletproof Skin closes the album with a signs of the musical unity of the groove drive with the long echoes of the memory of the genus, introducing folklore notes to the guitar solo of the instrumental part.