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Voices rattling inside the mind

March 15, 2020
Faidra - Six Voices Inside

A Pact Amongst Wolves thoughtful musical narrative, filled with indescribable sadness and twists of twilight sadness, entwines vocal reflections with the decaying threads of ghostly prophecies, starting the Faidra - Six Voices Inside album with a gloomy procession of dark sadness, replenished with the majestic romanticism of a dark anthem. But the final part of the composition raises the banners of restrained drive.
Darkness and sadness encircle the epic procession of The Depths saga with the covers of mystical mystery, the vocal part marches on a meaningful march, crowned by the enchanting melody of musical lace. The main motif of the guitar riffs sparkles with the addition of keyboard notes that bring a certain peculiarity to the musical image.
An alarming intrigue of intro develops into a procession of doubt and uncertainty of the Obsequies main motive, forcing waves of gloomy mystery and complementing the emotional appeal of vocal phrases with turns of gloomy grandeur. Beginning with the soft romanticism of the inspired guitar solo, Tomb Of Giants continues the musical trends of the twilight melody laid down in the previous composition, merging with it together in the majestic procession of the dark anthem.
Pumping up the thrust shaft of the saddened gloom The Judas Cradle brings out vocal variations, complementing screaming with growling phrases, to the forefront of the musical image. But music shows persistence and an irresistible zeal of painful thoughts in instrumental bridges. The title track Six Voices Inside completes the album, rolling out the rhythmic musical canvas of the rhythmic march. Reflections of clean vocals appears in the vocal part.