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Vita brevis ars longa

October 27, 2021
Veil Of Secrets - Dead Poetry

With a heavy, dusky, and visceral entrance, the music of The Last Attempt song prepares with a somber musical procession the introduction to the sad perception of the sound of the dark anthem, beginning the vocal part with the sad lamentation of the female vocals. The Sear The Fallen composition continues the musical narration of the Veil Of Secrets - Dead Poetry album, diversifying the musical mood a bit and supplementing the vocal part with creaking screaming of the male vocals.
Musical twilight and vocals cry and lament weaves the lace of the Remorseful Heart sad symphony. But then the music is complemented by waves of twilight drive, complete with mystical vocal transformations. The Lie Of Her Prosperity twilight symphony unhurriedly, thoughtfully, and painstakingly brings the vocal experience to the forefront of the musical image.
The enchanting tunes of the singing lady, shrouded in a veil of musical mysticism, creates the lace of the Fey dark musical tale. The sound of the Bryd composition is transformed by the melodic echoes of symphonic tunes, pierced by sad violins blades and vocals anxiety.
Musical mystery intertwines in the Meson mesmerizing waltz with vocal wistfulness, complemented by romantic tones of guitar solos of instrumental phrases. The Entirety track closes the album with a saddened vocal lament, wrapped in a veil of musical lace.