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Variations of inspired greatness

August 24, 2019
Pillars - Cavum

The bewitching mystery of the Escape composition rolls out a thoughtful canvas of sound in a leisurely and mysterious manner, shrouded in the background of enchanting keyboard variations, creating a bewitching haze of transformed reality. Dissolution continues the Pillars - Cavum album with a pulsating heartbeat, as if the majestic essence of mystical being shakes off the sparks of mankind existence from its skin.
A romantic fog envelops in a bewitching haze, the sound of the Dying Light composition carries you into dreamy wanderings, wrapping it around with threads of experience and inspiration.
The power and solemnity of valiant exploits are dashed by powerful and irresistible waves of sound, recreating the majestic Black Prayer anthem of chivalrous accomplishments and victories in unforgettable battles. Epic tapestry canvases envelop the hall of the musical palace with unforgettable covers.
Solace instrumental musical passages entwines consciousness, inspiring reflection and creating magnificent castles in the clouds of reason. Coda completes the album with magnificent inspiration, blowing dreamy reflections into the open spaces of dreamy clouds and sparkling haze, emphasizing the sound with keyboard notes.