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Vanity breeds strange surprises

November 18, 2020
Vile Creature - Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm!

A viscous and harsh musical canvas slowly rolls out its narration, at first crowned with the emotional screeching of female screaming, then transforming the sound with the depth and significance of musical melody, complemented by the confident sound of concentrated male screaming. Then the Harbinger Of Nothing music recedes into the sad tomantic, complemented by the background calls of female screaming. In the final fragment, screaming and growling are combined in a duet in a narrative full of twilight romanticism.
The music of When The Path Is Unclear song complements the vocal unity of female and male vocals, complementing the vocal style with tunes of clean vocals with muffled romance, but then the sound of the Vile Creature - Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! album returns to fierce power, pumping waves of a dark fairy tale and bringing into the female vocals the narration of a demonic witch, anticipating the dark march of the dark anthem. Beginning with the rhythmic pulsation of drumbeat, the You Who Has Never Slept complements the harsh phrases of male growling with background tunes of guitar riffs, then, after the instrumental bridge, transforms into a leisurely procession of an epic fairy tale, combining and alternating male tunes with female vocal dominance.
The album's title track is split into two tracks: first, the Glory! Glory! chants of the singing divas create a sublime mood, bringing the influence of classical music into the music of the release, then the clean vocals of the singing ladies, complemented by the chime of the strings of an acoustic guitar, bring the atmosphere of a medieval minstrel symphony. Then the title track and album ends with the Apathy Took Helm!, a somewhat bitter musical canvas, but retaining symphonic chorales against the backdrop of a harsh saga that combines screaming and growling in vocals.