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Vague spawns of so mysterious toxins

March 28, 2020
Psychopath (MLT) - Teratogenesis

The echoes of an impending thunderstorm anticipate the Awakening epic introduction, elevating the sound of the Psychopath (MLT) - Teratogenesis album to the inspired grandeur of sky-high distances. After that, the Psychopath song explodes with the unbridled fury of a fast-moving musical thriller, catching up with vocal anger with the fury of musical passages.
Combining musical fury with indignant exclamations of the vocal part Warganisation carries you into the vastness of fairy tales and mythical omens. Paying tribute to the inspiration of the original legends of black metal, the The Vile Invention of Christianity vocals raises the pale banners of furious indignation, but then the music flies away with a swift stream of unbridled drive.
Weaving a bewitching lace of musical unity of several styles the Teratogenesis title track captivates in keen listening. Crossing the stylistic framework The Purpose of the Pit sets the sound that your humble servant expected and is a furious thrash metal thriller! Preserving the musical style, giving it some ornate playfulness Chaos Metal hardens the vocals and gives it a more rough sound and rebellious rage.
Exploding into the introduction of a whirlwind of unbridled rage Living Evil raises vocal phrases to the wings of unbridled musical drive. All the same unbridled fury is driven by a hasty musical dance, combining musical drive with vocal questions and doubts in the single fast-moving Tsar Bomba musical stream. Paying tribute and respect, the band recalls the source of inspiration of their work and writes its interpretation in the Reaper (Bathory cover) as final composition of the album.