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Vague shadows are hiding among other shadows

March 18, 2020
Age Of Fire - Shades Of Shadow

The instrumental composition Epitaph creates a bewitching symphony, intriguing with the introduction of the Age Of Fire - Shades Of Shadow album, which continues with the Time Is Running Out furious thriller, rolling in an angry wave of a furious drive sweeping away any resistance from its path.
Raising the banners of the epic saga Judgement Day envelops the vocal part with the grandeur of a significant anthem, the vocals retains their rigidity and drive - which is surprising in view of the female vocals.
The guitar solo of the Fairystones introduction brings a melodic charm topped by the echoes of the background keyboard artistry, creating a mesmerizing charm of instrumental lace, which continues to develop its greatness in the Shades Of Shadow album's title track, that is enveloping with the echoes of epic romanticism.
Slowly marching in a bewitching mystery, musical passages intertwine in a mysterious dance with enchanting tunes of a singing lady, rolling out a canvas of the King Of Aquilonia forgotten chronicle. High Speed Chase returns to instrumental improvisation, lifting up the melodic extravaganza of a guitar solo with a throbbing heartbeat of drive in the background. Forcing a wave of exciting melodism with the main motive Dual Phases Of The Moon adheres to the instrumental nature of the musical composition. Walking on the verge of an average tempo and rapid drive Crystal Ball brings the narrative to the front edge of the musical composition, accelerating the pace in the bridge before the chorus and completing it with the charm of a guitar solo. Mist At Dawn completes the album with the romantic softness of an instrumental ballad, enveloping in the delicate objects of an enchanting guitar solo.