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Vague mysteries, shrouded in mysterious forebodings

September 12, 2019
Ikon (AUS) - Hallowed Ground

Expanding the flywheel of the musical narrative, Without Shadows composing creates a thoughtful intrigue in the verse, wrapping the name in the covers of mystical mystery. Condemnation continues the Ikon (AUS) - Hallowed Ground album, after negotiations in the hall, then again and again emphasizing the name in the chorus.
The applause of the audience, the sounds of tuning the equipment and the atmosphere of presence at the inspirational concert creates in the sound of the Afterlife song an atmosphere of live energy, enveloping with the influences of direct participation. Subversion continues this atmosphere, but the keyboard passages of the introduction bring in the influence of cosmic rays. A thoughtful bass guitar solo meets positive public feedback, calling the group to further develop the Shadowplay song, then enveloping the inspired vocal reflections with swirls of musical passages.
Intriguing with a pause and the mysterious development of musical dryness, The Dying Crown then confidently and irresistibly walks along the path of the main motive, again and again emphasizing the name in the chorus. Black Roses preserves this style, giving some blues tint to the sound. Calling the audience to applause for the performance of the new song, the group elevates the Heresy trend to the forefront of the musical narrative, combining the epic component with the spicy breath of the southern trends.
In announcing the initiation, the vocalist calls for the support of Ghost In My Head mystical mystery that develops into an interweaving of fabulous and electronic motives. The title track Hallowed Ground continues the album with vocal phrases full of emotions and feelings that meet the support of the public.
The appeal to the public ends with an interweaving of atmospheric keyboard background, pulsating bass guitar solo, vocal experiences and sparkling guitar notes of the Blue Snow Red Rain composition. Reality Is Lost ends the album with anxiety, strewn with overflows of electronic impulses, intertwining ancient forebodings with the feedback of the distant future.