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Using the scientific method

December 07, 2020
Dump Truck - We Are Scientists

With fun and joyful melodies, the Back On The Weed (Demo) begins the Dump Truck - We Are Scientists album's musical narration, playfully and joyfully walking along the musical canvas. Then the Jesus Takes A Keytar Solo (Demo) at first pacifies the sound with thoughtfulness, but then rises in a rebellious whirlwind of drive, and then returns to leisurely reflections and repeating this alternation. The unhurried Dad Wars (Demo) rhythmic march beats in its procession with severe drum beats.
The soft and gentle tunes of the Carrot Snout (Demo) romantic ballad captivate with muted pensiveness. But then the T.U.B. (Demo) recitative with notes of rap and inspired reflections continues with the 2Days7Hrs (Demo) recitative with electronic fragments in instrumental bridges with the tunes of a mechanical lady. Maintaining the musical canvas of the main motive, the Skinny Margarita (Demo) ponders thoughtfully in the verse, then again and again accentuating the title in the chorus.
Expanding the stylistic boundaries of the album, the Red Planet Blues (Demo) complements its sound with an acoustic country-style ballad. Then the Mothra Vs. We Are Scientists (Demo) with the title track shades whirls into a fast-paced whirlwind of drive around rebellious vocals. The Method (Demo) closes this release with a wistful ballad.