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Uprising from the oblivion

July 20, 2022
Tombs - Ex Oblivion (EP)

The title track begins with the dark mystery of the intriguing mystery of the introduction of the musical narrative of the Tombs - Ex Oblivion (EP) release, driving the rhythmic step of the musical procession in the run-up to the introduction of the vocal narrative, bringing even more notes of mystery and vague echoes of forgotten fairy tales to the sound.
The next chapter of this musical artwork focuses on the band's sources of inspiration.
Musical pressure is combined with rebellious vocal proclamations, again and again emphasizing the title in the chorus of the Killed by Death (Motörhead cover) song and complementing the main vocals with vocals support of musical associates. The Commit Suicide (GG Allin cover) composition rises in a whirlwind of unrestrained drive, sweeping away everything in its path.
The twilight mystery of the sound of the Sombre Ruin Nothing Remains (BKGD Audio Remix) track envelops with an atmosphere of mystery and vague omens, sometimes supplemented by the cries of the victims, but again and again returning to the mysterious leisurely procession, complemented by the narrative of a gloomy storyteller in the twilight mystery of the sound of the Murder Legendrefinal composition of this album.