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Upcoming prophecies and predictions are so unpredictable and unexpected

January 01, 2019
Cognitive - Matricide

Dark musical motifs envelops the Omnicide vocal part, combining the phrase screaming and growling with a harsh and gloomy cover. Then the instrumental bridge anticipates the chorus with a dimny romantic melody. In the chorus, severe and deep growling powerfully and energetically rolls the canvas of the majestic hymn. In the first song the Cognitive - Matricide album embodies an incredible set of musical ideas and stylistics - inspiring to listen more attentively to further compositions. The next Architect Of Misery song combines thoughtful leisurely meditations with explosions of furious drive, technically and progressively combining them in fascinating variations. In the chorus and instrumental part to the forefront of the musical image stands brooding majesty and epic romance.
The title track Matricide captures vocal phrases in a musical stream, enveloping the dominant growling with a spellbinding whirlwind of musical passages and sparkling tapes of additions screaming vocals. In the chorus, vocal phrases are concentrated in leisurely thoughtful statements, anticipating the explosion of a furious drive, which soon fades out, freeing up the musical space for further vocal reflection and medium-tempo musical progress.
The vocal part indicates the way for the development of musical ideas, it is difficult, broken and mysteriously indicating the way of development of their complex and intricate passages. The rhythmic pattern of the False Profit composition is incredibly complicated at the beginning, then vocal screaming introduces a simplification of the wave drive, but returning the dominant The position of the growling enters into an unsolvable dispute of vocal styles and ways of developing musical passages. Difficult meditations are replaced by a rapid flow of furious drive, but then the midtemp march returns the broken progressive passages, giving With Reckless Abandon compositions an enchanting unity of opposites. In the chorus vocal phrases are summed up by fascinating ornate guitar solos. Clouds Of Rust continues the same stylistic controversy, but combines them together in an epic musical symphony, alternating harsh drive with majestic shades, giving the harsh metal drive an atmosphere of classical music and romantic symphony. The musical grandeur of compositional thoughtfulness in the chorus and instrumental part is especially clearly felt.
The dull, gloomy haze of the Fragmented Perception intro, enveloping the harsh growling phrases with obscure forebodings, ends with a majestic guitar solo and continues with a stream of fierce drive. Then in the musical style of the album appears vocal harsh, expanding the stylistic framework of the album. The sound of the Vessel Of Violence is densed, toughed and hardened, complementing the musical image with a gloomy gloom of gloomy music, it is grave and densely enveloping vocal phrases with a gloomy haze. The guitar solo in the instrumental part brings in shades of regretful romanticism.
Returning again to the wondrous fusion of symphony and furious drive, the Torn From The Void weaves them into a wondrous musical lace, intriguing the development of each part, drawing the listener with the unpredictability and mystique of his listeners. The mysterious instrumental symphony Denouement completes the album with keyboards, enveloping the atmosphere of the mystery of the drive, giving the gothic hue to the end of the album with musical passages.