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Unreal to comprehend the bottomless abyss

July 12, 2021
Cathexis - Untethered Abyss

The guitar solo of the intro sets the sound of the leitmotif of the Horizonless Realm of Mechanical Retribution composition, then varying the tempo and enveloping the vocal rage with the seals of a bright melodic essence. The Given to the Colony continues the musical narration of the Cathexis - Untethered Abyss album with a mid-tempo march, subordinating the changes of the musical essence of vocal instructions.
Toughly, , painfully and thoughtfully, the Harrowing Manifestation song is marching through the twilight haymaker of the dark anthem. The Red Hook partly continues the motives of the previous composition, but diversified them, somewhat accelerating the pace and sealing rhythm.
Intro envelops a thoughtful haze, then the music varies the rhythmic structure in the progressive artistry of the solemn procession, complementing the sound of the Library of Babel song by vocals phrases. The Mortuus in Perpetuum seems to continue the narrative of the previous composition, but somewhat accelerates the pace in an impatient irreparation, varying the tempo and rhythm of the vocal part.
Enveloping the listener with a twilight covers, the Isolated Malevolence continues the musical narration by an energetic procession of a dark anthem. The Reanimated Kin completes the album to progressive complication of sound, combining vocal power with technical music.