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Unleashed bastards challenges demons and dragons

November 22, 2018
Necronomicon (DEU) - Unleashed Bastard

The drums pulsate rhythmically, the heralds announce the arrival of a knightly procession, marching to the chanting of honoring residents. Then, while retaining an enchanting melody, Burn and Fall rushes into a swift drive, combining the chorus with the style of the verse and the intro.
The twisting vortex of disturbed instrumental passages Leave the Lights On continues the Necronomicon (DEU) - Unleashed Bastards album, violently winding the eddies of instrumental passages on the axis of vocal narration. A wave of fierce Total Rejection drive sweeps away any obstacles from the path, vocal phrases complement the musical power, intertwining with bright highlights of the guitar moves.
The gloomy haze of musical riddles twists muffled revelations of vocals, then a pulsating march rolls in an intriguing wave, the vocal narrative complements the development of the Malevolent musical canvas. Then the music is transformed, putting together swift instrumental bridges and meaningful vocal phrases in a dense middle tempo march of the verse that ends with a swift drive. In the chorus, vocal phrases envelop the melodious veil of gloomy charm.
The We Did We Do song, twisted in a gloomy musical dance, wraps vocal revelations, dark armor of musical passages in a verse, raising the chorus in the glitter of dark charm. Imperial Hunger continues the style of the previous composition, changing the verse narration into a more mysterious gloomy narration, transforming into a sublime chorus melody.
The epic legend inspires vocal recognition, then the music appears as a harsh and sonorous instrumental drive, stubbornly and uncontrollably rolling in a wave of a verse and presenting an indescribably hit motif of of the My Name Is Vengeance composition's chorus. In the instrumental part, epic and fabulous motifs twistы the lace of fascinating melody before the final chorus.
Mystical obscure melodies unite in a fascinating sacrament of the introduction with a mysterious chime and brooding keyboard solo. After a short pause, Forbid Me from Living shows the true power of the dense shaft of the harsh musical narration, bringing the power and perseverance to the forefront of the musical image. The vocal transforms the music somewhat, the instrumental bridges show rapid love of freedom, vocal shackles the zeal of the music with gritting phrases.
Almost title track Unleashed continues the album uncontrollable drive, twisting the blade of the main motive, and completing it with a meaningful guard. Vocal phrases twist the tip of a fascinating narrative.
Wrapping the viscous fog of the Religion Live Fast song intro, then flies away in swift passages, then enveloping its melodic narration with enchanting whirlwinds of guitar inspirations. In the chorus, rhythm condenses the base of the musical picture, anticipating an incredible melodic guitar solo in the instrumental part.
Personal EnemyAn obscure mist rolls in gloomy waves of epic haze into the intro, twisting a web of melodic guitar passages, then exploding in an irresistible wave of impetuous drive, as if the vocal saddle a burning musical dragon and uncontrollably striving for a blazing goal.
Weaving guitar motifs in the sparkling dance of deadly swords, the vocal part of the final album's composition The Nightmare Continues sweeps through the spiral of deadly blades.