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Unknown tales rise from dark shadows

May 11, 2023
Inferi (USA) - Of Sunless Realms (EP)

Bright musical variations of The Abhorrent Art composition wind around the vocal part, combining majesty and haste, but then focus on the solemn procession, shrouded in the veils of symphonic charm, then again and again artistically varying the tempo and sound, starting the progressive tale of the Inferi (USA) - Of Sunless Realms (EP) release.
While retaining the symphonic charm of sound, the Eldritch Evolution epic saga brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing its sound with the influence of oriental motifs that expands the stylistic framework.
Soaring with a bright whirlwind of rapid drive, the Spellbound Unearthed Terror composition impresses and captivates with the unity of the fierce storm of a powerful drive and the fascinating charm of a symphonic musical fairy tale, continuing with the mysterious whisper of The Summoning musical creation, ending with the charm of a melodic keyboards solo, complemented by opera chorales, acting as an introduction to the Aeons Torn twilight musical fairy tale, completing this musical creation with the unity of melody, charm and mystery.