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Unknown error of mental state

March 07, 2023
Skeletor (NLD) - Mental State

The energetic and unrestrained drive of the Iatrogenesis composition begins the musical race of the Skeletor (NLD) - Mental State album, then introducing an element of vocal reflection, posing questions and enveloping its narrative with majestic covers full of significance and thoughtfulness, anticipating the final part with a fascinating guitar solo, transforming into an exciting unity of music and vocals in an exciting whirlwind of sound of the Skeletor Salvation song. The vocals then come to the forefront of the musical image, receding before the mesmerizing artistry and vivid improvisations of the guitar solo.
Pushing with tenacity and defiance, The Rapemachine rhythmic march confidently and persistently drives its mid-tempo step into the chosen musical path, sharply accelerating the tmp with the entry of the deadly dance of the fierce Hordes of the Retarded musical thriller, combining music and vocals in the energetic unrestrained musical rage. But clean vocals bring variety to the sound, expanding the stylistic framework of this composition and the album as a whole, retreating before the rebellious pressure of the bright grandeur of the guitars solo and vocals bitterness. The vocals narrative is brought to the forefront of the Pounder musical image, combining vocal transformations with musical changes, then driving a rhythmic step into the introduction and accelerating the tmp with the introduction of vocals to the fierce pressure of the rhythmic drive of the Unknown Error composition, in which again clean vocals introduce elements of reflections and doubts.
The guitar solo of the introduction weaves the musical canvas of the D.S.M.666 main motif, combining a battle march and a majestic anthem, then varying the vocal narrative with twilight covers of mysterious additions. The Anal Avenger final composition enters with a bright and artistic guitar solo, followed by the unrestrained frenzy of unstoppable vocals and rebellious vocals rage.