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Unknown distant expanses of the unexplored universe

May 02, 2021
 Mythic Sunship - Wildfire

Impatiently and persistently guitar essence of musical passages. Supplemented by soluing solo saxophone, impacts the uncontrollable passages of the Maelstrom main motive. Then the artistry of musical improvisations shows the creative essence of the Mythic Sunship - Wildfire entire album.
First, the focusing lace guitars parts performs so muted tunes, but then are fascinating lace of the Olympia main motive, is subtle and notes in the doubtfulness of artistry, then complements its increasingly persistent and impatient shades, carried away into the musical flow of unrestrained adventures.
The Landfall song intro's guitar solo immediately imposes an atmosphere of impatience and anticipation of the coming adventures, gossy in the dance of the kneading expectation. Then the guitar solo goes to the forefront of the musical image, clutching unexpected lace of musical variations.
The peaceful musical atmosphere of the harsh solemnity of the solemn hymn with the harsh essays of the ancient knight sagas, the Redwood Grove will be powered by a listener's mind and viscous sound, piercing the thoughts to dreaming guitar solo. Guitar solo goes to the Going Up fore, completing the album with dreaming handles with the country-style notes and sprinkling southern romance.