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Unforgettable also need to remember

March 05, 2017
Tagarot - Veleda's Prophecy

Tagarot - Veleda's Prophecy creates a romantic mood, remembering unforgettable melodies flowing in veins forever and ever!
Proud speech under the sound of rain in Tears precedes folklore motives of bagpipes and guitars.
In the title track Veleda's Prophecy, the wonderful and inspired vocal of the lady comes to the fore. Instruments, especially bagpipes and flute, support romantic and dreamy vocal phrases, creating a wonderful meditative image.
Sad romanticism permeates Callis Sanguinis, but now the grim and violent growling of male vocals splashes out the streams of anger and irritation. But forgotten sad tunes arise from the ashes of indignation.
Shaman dances The Shaman's Path humppa around the fire, the mythical voice of the lady is being heard, carrying us away into the space of sparkling radiant dreams.
A vigorous, powerful intro of Samant precedes the sophisticated tunes of Lady, which finishes before the vargan solo, then the whole band unites around the vargan passages.
The triumph of folk instruments continues with accordion main motive, then the male growl Blood Soaked Earth saturates the sound with gloomy power and drive, then fades into background, letting forward the female pure vocal. But in the next verse he again goes to the last line, The instrumental part combines a guitar solo with a marvelous impressive batch of flute tunes.
Dancing in a changeable dance Fate and Fear unites singing lady and tough male growling in a single musical image, leaving with pleasant impressions from the listened music.