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Unexpected, fast, deadly

April 17, 2023
Pain Of Salvation - Panther

The music wraps around the vocal reflections of the Accelerator song in a whirlwind of progressive twilight of musical variations, beginning the musical narrative of the Pain Of Salvation - Panther album with an intriguing mystery, continuing with the unhurried pace of the saddened march of the Unfuture composition, crowned with sparkling passages of the guitar solo and vocal experiences.
The intriguing mystery of musical twilight envelops the fascinating haze of the Restless Boy musical fairy tale, sometimes bringing the vocals story to the fore, sometimes whirling with the rhythmic pressure of music and vocals, then enchanting the epic vocals story of the Wait ballad with romantic shades of an acoustic guitar solo.
The guitar part captivates with its artistic sound, anticipating the artistic development of the main motif of the Keen to a Fault composition, with the charming influence of oriental motifs on the progressive musical lace of a musical fairy tale that envelops vocals reflections. The string chime of the Fur instrumental track, enchanting with the medieval atmosphere of minstrel ballads, acts as an introduction to the Panther title track, expanding the stylistic framework of the album with recitative vocals and bringing the influence of modern trends to the progressive development of musical diversity.
The melodic guitar solo of the introduction gradually creates the foundation on which the further development of the main motive of the Species composition is based, anticipating the unhurried narration of the Icon musical fairy tale, concluding the album with an enchanting musical story.