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Unexpected and inconceivable results of scientific experiments

February 11, 2022
Abysmal Dawn, 2020 -  Phylogenesis

An explosion of furious rage and unbridled drive explodes with the furious burst of the Mundane Existence furious musical thriller, with the introduction of the vocals bringing a note of progressive artistry to the sound of the Abysmal Dawn - Phylogenesis album. The Path of the Totalitarian track immediately injects an uncontrollable burst of anger with a drum roll, then uplifting the vocal part on the crests of musical waves. The guitar solo of the instrumental part is mesmerizingly melodic, foreshadowing the unity of the screaming and growling in the duet of the vocal part.
The music and vocals of the Hedonistic composition mesmerize with artistic unity in progressive and mesmerizing changes of rhythmic and musical motifs. A Speck in the Fabric of Eternity song brings the vocal narrative to the forefront of the sound, providing it with appropriate musical support.
The guitar solo of the intro brings echoes of medieval minstrel sagas, bringing a kind of charm to the sound of the Coerced Evolution song, capturing in an unstoppable rush of artistic whirlwinds of the True to the Blind composition.
The mid-tempo march of the Soul-Sick Nation song brings waves of stern significance and patient perception. The The Lament Configuration song sticks to the same rhythm and tempo, at times bringing the vocal part in unity and alternation of screaming and growling to the forefront, anticipating the rapid changeable character of the sound of the Flattening of Emotions (Death cover) final song, that honors and pays tribute to the creators of this musical style.