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Undead beings has their Lord and has no mortals among them

August 13, 2017
Winds Of Leng - Horrid Dominion

The wailing of distant winds, a sense of anxiety and unclear troubles starts the Winds Of Leng - Horrid Dominion album by the Intro.
The introduction, like tough and irresistible earthquake, is rocking the foundations of the universe, after a brief pause, Beneath Unhallowed Earth carries away in the impetus of a swift drive, combining the screaming and grousing notes in the vocal parts, then alternating the vocal impulses with instrumental explosions. The epic mist of ancient legends envelops with Audrey veil of the tales, beginning with the dominant screaming, after persistent and powerful impulses connecting the growling to the complement of the vocal variety, combining them then in a single stream, replacing in the dominant role. In the instrumental part, confidence reduces the pace, circling in with a howling delightful dance of sparkling melodies around the explosions of the drum roll.
Growling sweeps the clubs of so furious drive, Devourer draws into the gloomy abyss of hopeless detachment, screaming complements this unrestrained drive with the notes of rapid madness.
Chaosborn charms fascinating significance of ancient legends, entangling roots of ancient legends and stories. The vocal part is dominated by screaming, growling complements it with sentences from the background.
The unrestrained fury of unimaginable power carries away to the fast-deadly dance Awakening The Overmind, screaming style dominates in vocal phrases. After fast, uncontrollable verse in bridge follows change of tempo, causing the concentrated anger of deep growling in the vocal phrases of the chorus. Then - again rapid impulse, followed by the depth of concentrated rage.
The vortexes of mysterious winds are circling in clouds of impenetrable fog, then vocal phrases supplements The Color, creating so complex picture of screaming and growling a vivid picture, overlapping with a variety of new and new shades.
Deep, impenetrable abyss The Void, hovering in darkness with a concentrate of gloomy romance, the word ballad of hopelessness in the fetters of lyrical enchantments of embittered darkness. Then, as if trying to release from this doom, the pace raises speed and drive into the head of the rebellion. But all returns to the origins.
The escaper's hard breathing, anxiety and hope - but Lord Of The Dead tells that he can't hide anywhere from its influence. Swift, confident drive alternating with breathtaking calm and exciting melodies completes the album.