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Unconscious order is chaos

December 30, 2020
Marilyn Manson - We Are Chaos

A vocal monologue with distorted pensiveness begins the musical narration, then the vocal reflections continue the intriguing mystery of Red, Black, And Blue composition, complemented by rolling rhythmic waves of drive. The title track of the Marilyn Manson - We Are Chaos album continues its musical story with the enchanting chime of an acoustic ballad, captivating with melodic chime and vocal inspiration. The Don't Chase The Dead continues the musical procession with inspirational vocal reflections marching through the musical canvas of the epic tale.
Vocal sighs begin the sound of Paint You With My Love romantic ballad, weaving vocal phrases and musical passages in a charming waltz, the music retains the brooding atmosphere of romance in the Half-Way & one Step Forward next composition, complementing the vocal reflections with the chime of keyboard notes.
Bringing a touch of industrial musical flavor to intro, the Infinite Darkness then weaves vocals and music in a futuristic atmosphere. The Perfume combines an industrial musical atmosphere with a touch of burlesque. The throbbing heartbeat is complemented by the spicy confessions of the Keep My Head Together vocal part, raising the flags of their feelings in the chorus. The Solve Coagula intro's music complements the sound of the album with notes of jazz, with the introduction of vocals enchanting with the gentle tunes of the lounge. The last composition of the album Broken Needle captivates with dreamy tunes and musical artistry of a charming ballad.