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Unconscious doubts and unaccepted decisions are so devastative

December 24, 2019
Pumarosa - Devastation

Inspirational Fall Apart vocal's doubts intertwine with artistic variations of keyboard motifs, pensively and intriguingly starting the Pumarosa - Devastation album. Next, the I See You composition leaves vocal phrases in the foreground of the musical image, complementing the coverings of cosmic trends with the transformed vocal refrains of the chorus.
Transforming the rhythmic structure into the mysterious pulsation of an invisible organism, Lose Control fascinates with the progressive lace of musical passages. Giving some futuristic echoes and an electronic atmosphere of musical narration, the I Can Change musical passages recedes before the emotional and flexible tunes of the vocal part, then weaving together in a musical stream. Muffled vocal phrases slowly march along with the vague echoes of the Factory machines.
Returning again to progressive artistry in revealing the rhythmic structure Adam's Song combines these musical passages with inspired vocal musings in a charming romance. Heaven continues the biblical theme, leaving the musical passages with a light background, raising the vocal part to the top of the musical essence and crowning the vocal tunes with a rainbow of keyboard melody.
The Virtue vocal part immediately comes to the fore, the musical background complements the narrative with an appropriate atmosphere, intriguing vocal experiences. The echoes of fairy tales and legends envelop dense twilight vocal phrases slipping out of Into The Woods dense musical twilight like a mysterious storyteller.
So long and extended psychedelic romance Lost In Her entangles pensive vocal doubts with viscous musical covers, enveloping the listener with unhurried trends of vague thoughts. The title track Devastation completes the album, dispelling doubts and inspiring the pursuit of changes and self-improvement.