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Unbridled zeal for destruction

February 02, 2021
Volter - High Gain Overkill

The title track starts the Volter - High Gain Overkillalbum with a whirlwind of frantic drive, flying in the fast-paced drive of a frantic race. The Road Is Mine somewhat restrains the musical impetuosity, but transforms into more rhythmic pulsations of musical waves that lift vocal phrases to the crest.
The rebellious jocularity of the sound is accentuated by the name of the composition, playfully shouting out over and over again the new Kiss My Ass challenge to the usual foundations. Keeping the tempo of the musical drive, the Black Skies rolls in waves of mid-tempo drive, complementing the sound with vocal indignation and emotional fury. The Damage Dealer once again chases in a swift pursuit of frenzy, pumping up the impressive sound with a dance of deadly drive. The Shake rock'n'roll festival takes you to an unrestrained dance.
The Nothing song's vocals and music add to the frenzy of the musical stream, combining in a round dance of rebellious thirst for adventure. The Boogie Ride continues the same stubborn sound, bringing the vocals to the forefront of the musical image. The rhythmic dance of musical passages complements the bitterness of the vocal part, while retaining, however, the echoes of the 70s in the sound of the Crimson Sky track.
Captivating vocal phrases with musical whirlwinds into a joint dance the Rockstar is enchanting in impetuous frenzy, anticipating the mid-tempo reflections of the Messiah's Call album's final track.