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Tyrant can use his Dark Sword

June 10, 2016
Behexen - The Poisonous Path

Severe thoughts, gloomy ideas lead us to the Behexen - The Poisonous Path !
The title track opens the gloomy and dark history, The Poisonous Path stubbornly and persistently breaks the barriers on its path, crushing obstacles without any regrets. In the middle of a mysterious and dreamy monologue complements a slow melodic piece. But - still far from elimination of all interference - crush, break, destroy it!
Mysterious sounds begins The Wand of Shadows, but powerful destructive force is not yet spent all the energy, while the collapse and destruction on the pace a bit slower, but strength and density added! But there's a limit to all forces - strange, mysterious sounds finish the track...
Crushing blows, smashing the resistance can be heard in the Cave of the Dark Dreams. Then, the average pace of the narration constrains fury of instruments, limiting them by tackts, metes and bounds.
A Sword of Protean Fire swings rhythmically, slowly and with frightening persistence. Legends tell about it in the same manner - viscous, without hurry and undue haste. But in the midst of the chronicles fury of the chronicles instruments breaks free in a short guitar solo and a vocal party. But - the tale of a flaming sword ends as the starts, but guitar fury completes the track at all!
Umbra Luciferi anger fallen asleep under the scrolls of the legends unrestrained in mid pace, keyboard passages merely delineate its borders!
Ragged, sharp rhythm leads Tyrant of Luminous Darkness to the path along which are the servants of darkness, under cover of which their inspection and conducts the Lord. Deliberately, carefully, he examines his worshipers, their armor and weapons - the servants of darkness shall be equipped sufficient for triumph. And whisper of followers, servants, soldiers and other demons completes this inspection with marching drums of war and guitar solo.
Chalice of the Abyssal Water needs a quick drink nottom up - without the slightest pause, making a break only for a while - just to regain the breath. Having drunk the cup - story slows down, there's a need to understand - what the potion was in it? What the consequences of it in the future?
Pentagram of the Black Earth have inscribed by servants of the Lord of Darkness - promptly, hurriedly, hastily! Upon completion of this drawing - Lord, as though, talks with some faraway voice. Slowly, persistently, deliberately.
Long negotiations have bothered, Gallows of Inversion rides fast, quickly, rushes us away in ragged pace!
Completes these dark legends Rakkaudesta Saatanaan, lyrical melody driven by keyboards and guitars, flowing like a wide river. Feature, distinguishes that tale from the rest of the legends - it's told in Finnish.