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Twilight mystery of gloomy fairy tales

June 15, 2021
Mental Cruelty, 2021 -  A Hill to Die Upon

The soft chime acoustic guitar begins the Mental Cruelty - A Hill to Die Upon album with the fairy tale bard of the Avgang instrumental ballad, but then the Ultima Hypocrita song combines musical power with vocal rage, rolling the swirl of a frantic drive with epic sague. Looking down the powerful coverings of the rhythmic march, the Abadon is uprising the magnificent banners of the solemn anthem.
The vocal part goes to the forefront of the King Ov Fire musical image, combining and alternating screaming and rougaling in a vocals fairy tale of track's musical canvas. The Eternal Eclipse song envelops with the gloomy atmosphere of dark legends, fascinating in the worlds of black magic and gloomy predictions. The vocals immediately appear on the front plan of the sound of the Death Worship composition, giving the musical dusk shades of epic saga and fascinating legend, combining and varying vocal transformations around the musical dusk. Returning back to the bard songs, the Fossenbrate instremental track complements the soft chime of acoustic guitar with the sounds of the current river and owl's. A Hill to Die Upon title track encharishes by vocals unity with a musical fairy tale, withdrawing screaming to the forefront of the vocal party and complementing the vocal narrative background of the invisible elves and fairies. The Extermination Campaign continues simmilar style, varying mid-tempo vocal fragments with a rapid drive of instrumental bridges, sometimes cutting in the dreamy thoughtfulness of guitar solo, anticipating the militia of the melodic charm of the sound of the chorus. The Left Hand Path summarizes the sound of the album, embodying all the features its characteristic and motifs.