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Twilight, cold and peace

February 15, 2021
Rem (HUN) - Berek

The gloomy melody becomes the leitmotif, painfully and gloomily unrolling the Dereng song's musical canvas before the harsh and significant procession of the vocal part. The Kod (enek Jim Jones) continues the musical narration of the Rem (HUN) - Berek album, focusing the sound of the dark anthem in a more dense and viscous procession. Of particular note is the vocal participation of the guest musician.
Rolling with breathtaking waves of the main motive, the Lap (enek Knapp Oszkar) expands the stylistic framework of the album, combining growling, screaming and clean vocals in various compositional fragments in the vocals. Keeping an impressive melody, the Avar accelerates the intro's tempo to the brink of a mid-tempo sound, bringing elements of a battle march, northern folklore and stubborn drive into the music.
The title composition Berek (enek Knapp Oszkar) slows down the speed of the procession of musical passages to a viscous burden, uprising the twilight walls of a gloomy castle, over which the banners of the dark anthem rise. Meder (enek Jim Jones) continues the style of a twilight fairy tale, complementing the vocal part with the participation of a guest musician.
Accelerating the tempo of the music, complementing the buzzing swarm of guitar solos, the Vadasz combines and alternates screaming and growling in the vocals. The Estveled solidifies the sound again, marching in a mid-tempo march of dark solemnity.
At first, surging in a whirlwind of impetuous drive the Zala (vokal Leiru) then subdues the development of the musical essence of the vocal part, completing the composition with a vocal solo. The howl of a severe blizzard continues the Hidden track with the chirping of a campfire, at which the bard tunes his lute, then complementing this instrumental epic with bardic songs, the sound of a hammer and the rest of the camp sounds.