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Trying to find the true essence of illusions

June 29, 2022
Felo De Se - Essence of Illusions

Enigmatic vocals reflections of the Voices In the Mist anticipates the vivid and exciting guitar solos, then developing in a whirlwind of unrestrained drive of the Endless Path composition, complementing the musical constructions of the Felo De Se - Essence of Illusions album with a vocal part. The mysterious twilight procession of the Enigmatic Stones intro is complemented by hovering guitar passages, then wrapping around the mid-tempo processions of the main motif and vocals phrases.
The guitar solo intrigues the listener, then crowning the Frozen Sun epic saga with the vocal phrases of the storyteller, unfolding with a fascinating musical flight of the Strength of One composition, capturing musical charm and vocal emotionality. After a vivid and impressive introduction, the Let The Oceans Burn song elevates vocal phrases to the crests of musical waves.
The intriguing introduction creates a mesmerizing atmosphere, continuing with the Light of Norns musical blizzard of northern fairy tales, which, after the muted mystery of the introduction, continues with the musical whirlwinds of the Morning Star and Shattered Sky compositions.
Persistently and rhythmically driving the procession of the battle march, the Inner Conquest epic saga wraps vocal phrases in swirls of guitar riffs, continuing to roll in rhythmic waves of the sound of the Shades of the Sea song.
The Equivocal and Fall of Ikaros (Acoustic) compositions completes the album with acoustic charm, beginning with instrumental romance, then complementing it with sensual vocals emotions.