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July 07, 2022
Kaatayra - Mata Mato

Beginning with an explosion of drive, the Ha Mais Do Que Refugio Em Mar Profundo composition begins the musical narrative of the Kaatayra - Mata Mato album with a twilight variety of musical variation, as if telling a separate musical story. Beginning with the acoustic chime of the guitar strings of the bard's ballad, the Das Serras, Sapiencia E Sumidade epic saga develops these musical motifs, complementing them with the meaningful solemnity of the majestic anthem, again beginning the Clarividencia Em Xara song with acoustic charm, then enveloping the vocals narrative with a twilight haze of forgotten fairy tales.
The buzzing intrigue of the intro preparation ends with a drum roll, followed by the uncontrollable waves of drive of the Saudades Florescem composition, leaving vocal reflections against the background of the musical image, followed by the melodic charm of a mystical fairy tale, ending with the power of dark musical charms, again leaving the vocal part against the background of the Valhacouto De Lirios musical fairy tale, preceding the symphonic grandeur of the introduction, receding before the rhythmic step of the futuristic Contra O Delio Urbano, Um Manipanso electronic track.
But once again, folk motifs capture the primacy of the Horizonte, Abismo musical narrative, embodying the atmosphere of the Viking sagas, after which the Fogo! Na Babionia composition rises with a whirlwind of drive, entwined with the charm of guitar solos and the melodic artistry of musical variations.
Instrumental composition Unhas De Bode Ecoam Versus O Macaco Nu E Sua Agricultura begins with the prophecy of a sage, then entering the final part of the album with intriguing musical artistry, preceding the twilight of a dark musical drive, weaving twilight lace of the Chama, Polvora E Esperanca musical composition and the mysterious Preciso Me Encontrar (Tributo Ao Candeia) musical epilogue of the album.