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Truth or lie? You'll bet - nice try!

August 31, 2016
Anno Domini - The Cold Expanse

In spring and summer be ready for Anno Domini - The Cold Expanse ! Winter will come again!
Title track The Cold Expanse appears before us as brief thoughtful introduction, opening the way to further achievements.
Does not hide its intentions to Fire Upon Eden by combining various instruments in a uniform impulse. Continue to prepare the hidden intentions, when through the power of guitar riffs and sublime, otherworldly melodical keyboards parts rush vocals, combining screams and growls. Not accepting the rule of the vocal, keyboards and guitar are competing for the first role in the musical pattern. Nobody does not reveal the winner, but the composition has gained a lot of unforgettable shades!
Powerful crushing steps The Exiled intersects the unexplored spaces, then clean vocals shows its epic emotional state. These periodic change between clean confession and growling power constitute the main impression of the composition.
Oriental motifs woven into the mysterious mystical keyboards passage, then Artificial Divine Intelligence becomes supplemented with intriguing pure vocals, revealing an emotional embrace. But growling can't leave composition without its density and assertiveness for the keyboards and clean vocals emotions.
Sublime keyboards party supported by troops of powerful and heavy guitar riffs paving the way for Primordium to future achievements, is interested in the whirlwind of consciousness of the musical celebration. Then the guitar fighters respite, keyboard passages comes to the forein the instrumental part. In this splendor triumphant keyboards vocals combines screams and growls, but in no way are not begging the role of keyboards in the composition.
Fragments Of Eternity formed in an emotional and melancholic ballad, carrying the spirit of eternity, by means of keyboard passages and vocals, which so impressed of incomparable purpose. Then vocals transforms into the growl, music gain more weight and power for a bit, but it remains the fine beautifull ballad!
Melodic guitar riff captivates for its excellent rushing, but it is part of the Infestation! Melody doesn't fade away, but acquires new shades and improves its shape by counteracting the oposing transforms - it changes itselves so that they can not resist its changing the face!
Whirring swarm of guitar notes merges in intro of the Evanescent, further vocals, inspired guitar riff ascends to the clouds, carrying his emotions like a banner. But then the music thicken the atmosphere around the gentle notes keyboards, vocals transformed from pure into a harsh, gradually turning into growl. But clean vocals only waited for an explosion of rage and anger that accompanies the thin discreet notes of keyboards in the finals of vocals exercises.
The path of intro crosses the way of all thoughts, underpin the dream by placing them in Inner Dimensions. Further clean vocal falls in fetters, that restricts his flight of fancy, it suffers and torns. Next growling with framing keyboard passages recreates walls of mental jail, enclosing clear vocals from freedom and opportunity to soar on the wings of ghostly emotions in the sunshine.
Dancing rhythmically and ornately Empyre slowly moves along the obvious path, oriental motifs staining its way. Next-key saga comes to the fore, dragging its symphonic perfection - beat rhythmical strokes complete the impression.
Symphonic saga, echoing between keyboard passages, represents the descent of the Fallen to its current state. Powerful and energetic vocal growling contrasts with symphonic ambience keyboards, guitars fluctuate into a support of both of them. The instrumental part of the symphony wins and draws, but the power and wrath of growling vacals arises again in the sound palette. The composition and the album ends, connecting the unconnected by comparing incomparable.