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True light shines forever and ever

November 14, 2018
Fractal Gates - The Light That Shines

Shrouding the mind with a mysterious intriguing haze Visions, Pt. X anticipates the beginning of the Fractal Gates - The Light That Shines album, developing Breath of Life intro in its final part. A bright guitar solo sets the main motive, captivating the concentrated significance of the verse and exploding with a bright return of the motive of the entry into the chorus.
Melodious passages rise in a more stubborn manner, spinning the bright flywheel of Chasing the Line exciting sound even more vividly and impressively.
Stubbornly and obstinately rolling the waves of the Infinity main motive continues the triumph of melody, bringing with a vocal phrase a tinge of rage and wrath, complementing the originality of the sound. The instrumental bridge renders pulsing notes of ceremonial march.
Rolling the canvas of the majestic passages of the main motive Bound by Time solemnly parades through the canvas of its red carpet, admiring the surrounding surroundings and from time to time somewhat speeding up the pace.
The Dreams Apart main motive creates the basis for the composition, vocals call for compaction of the music, but a bright melody twists the drive waves with sparkling passages.
Cosmic influences of the Visions, Pt. XI are embodied in keyboard passages, muffled by pulsating mysterious distraction, creating a mysterious brooding atmosphere. After a short pause, the Faceless currents of cosmic winds shines with bright melody, twisting around the vocal part a sparkling tunnel of musical delights, exciting by universal romanticism and focusing melody in the chorus. Developing the melodic motifs of the previous composition Arise complements them with the covers of epic melody on top and the waves of a pulsating stern drive from below.
Exploding in a concentrated wave of heavy and dense sound in the intro Reborn brings melody with so mesmerizing guitar solo and combines these contrasting elements with vocal phrases, from time to time complementing a deep growl with notes of emotional screaming.
Artistic thoughtfulness and doubts weave an exciting melodic lace around the The Light That Shines vocal part, pushing through the gloomy barriers in the way of the main motive.
The guitar solo of the Seas of Flames intro cannot leave noone indifferent, enveloping the mind with rings of exciting melody, which is then accompanied by vocal meditations. Mysterious invisible motives of universal echoes Visions, Pt. XII completes the album, ending with the noise of interference.