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Trees entwine the essence of the universe with roots

May 15, 2021
Moon Coven -  Slumber Wood

The viscous and viscous twilight sound of guitar riffs carries away vocal reflections on the march to the saddened omen of the Further disasters. The Ceremony composition builds up the waves of the mid-tempo march of the gloomy procession, combining into the continuation of the dark prophecies of the Moon Coven - Slumber Wood album.
The sound of the Gobekli Tepe-Potbelly Hill solemn anthem raises the significance of the vocal part to the crests of the waves of the musical sea, lifting them to the top of the musical image, complementing the instrumental bridges with the sad solemnity of the guitar solos. The Eye Of The Night song's viscous musical sound connects vocal reflections in the twilight swamp of brooding burdensomeness.
The instrumental twilight of the A Tower Of Silence composition serves as an introduction to the sound of the Bahgsu Nag fairy saga that combines the oriental mysteries of Tibetan monks with mesmerizing tales of mystical rituals and mysterious transformations of magical surprises.
The viscous dusury of the harsh guitar solo creates an atmosphere of musical significance, the swing lace of musical mysteriousness for the vocals part, complementing the sound of the Seagull composition with inspired sensuality and experiences of forgotten memories. The final song of the album My Melting Mind enchants the incredible melodism of the guitar solo tool part, developing the elements of musical reflections laid by the main motive.