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January 19, 2020
Deliver The Galaxy - The Journey

The title track Deliver The Galaxy - The Journey starts the album with intro with a guitar solo, that sounds as if a swarm of fierce space wasps attack a gaping astronaut, then the pulsating mid-tempo verse march combines rhythmic narration with deep growling, complementing it with screaming and a sparkling swarm of guitar solo, combining these fragments together.
The following are Setius and Mind Conflict songs marching in a mid-tempo epic atmosphere, focusing on the significance of sound and maintaining a very comfortable pace, allowing the vocal part to reach the front edge of the musical image. The howl of a siren ends with a sparkling guitar solo, building the structure of the Take Off main motive, captivating with mesmerizing melody, while maintaining the mid-tempo sound of the musical canvas. The Picture I Draw rhythmic procession is immediately complemented by vocal phrases, then in the bridge and the chorus the musical image undergoes some acceleration of the rhythmic structure and envelops the vocal phrases with a fascinating whirlwind of enchanting melodies.
The vocal part seems to continue the previous song, but the On Fire musical passages set the verse on the verge of medium-tempo and fast, returning to the charming melodic grandeur in the chorus. Slightly changing the style of the musical narration Illuminati (feat. Matt Turkington) facilitates its sound, bringing to the forefront of the composition the clean vocals of the invited vocalist. But New Horizons again hardens the musical narrative, transforming vocals with severe growling, intertwining their phrases in a bewitching dance with musical passages. Preserving the echoes of the futuristic shades of modern musical styles I Declare War (feat. Adrienne Cowan) immediately announces its title, then marches in a powerful mid-tempo march, uplifting the vocals of the guest singing lady, introducing more significant spicy shades of oriental folklore into the composition.
Starting with a mesmerizing keyboard solo, the Pathfinder completes the album, combining in the musical narrative shades of mythical mystery and severe drive, complementing them with the significance of vocal phrases.