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August 27, 2019
Salvador Sobral - Paris, Lisboa

It intrigues and enchants the desire to listen to the album of the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. He starts his Salvador Sobral - Paris, Lisboa album with 180, 181 (catarse) composition, intertwining the bewitching variations of symphonic views around the alternation of vocal variations. Further, Pressagio vocal experiences are shrouded in a bewitching haze, starting with the pulsating path of the main motive, then subordinating the musical variations of the Cerca del mar vocal part.
Vocal reflections come to the Ela disse-me assim fore, complemented by soft piano passages in the light atmosphere of the lounge. Light vocal reflections are intertwined with musical variations, giving on the Playing With The Wind musical background a certain shade of rock ballad.
Remembering the Eurovision award ceremony, it’s hard not to remember the Salvador's sister, who took part in the recording of the Prometo nao prometer (feat. Luisa Sobral) song, complementing the vocal part with her vocal shades.
Light notes of entertaining jazz continue the album with a bewitching interweaving of notes of musical passages around the dreamy reverie of Benjamin vocal phrases. Orchestral symphonies complement the sound with some shades of the French spring, inspiring the sound of the Grandes ilusiones song.
But jazz variations elevate the banner of progressive artistry, elevating the development of the Mano a mano (feat. Antonio Zambujo) vocal symphony to a hitherto unattainable level. Transforming the lyrics and turning to French poetry La Souffleuse envelops the listener with enchanting chanson trends. The Paris, Tokyo II atmosphere of Dixieland preserves the charm of France, transferring us all to the atmosphere of dreams and charming illusions. But detached majesty and wealth, Anda estragar-me os planos ends the album with the tunes of the sailors, returning from fishing singing their impressions to the country-style acoustic ballad.