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Transformations sometimes hide the shades of battle

June 10, 2020
Sonus Mortis - Hold This Mortal Coil

The acoustic guitar solo creates a mysterious atmosphere, ending with sophisticated thoughts, but then the Metamorphosis music weaves twilight lace in which vocal phrases march, combining emotionality and drive. The title track continues the Sonus Mortis - Hold This Mortal Coil album with the mystery of a guitar solo, then complemented by obscure vocal echoes. But then the drive backs down for the romantic grandeur of the solemn anthem. Then mysterious vocal narratives appear in the musical procession, as if invisible spirits are narrating their forgotten annals. But music and vocals explode with the deadly dance of restrained drive, combining melody and power in a single musical narrative, crowning it with echoes of symphonic charm.
Enchanting the guitar solo of intro, The Descending Dealate then combines several styles and genres into its sound, manifesting their inherent features like a leisurely melody, stern power and a fast drive, bringing to the forefront a bewitching mid-tempo melody. The leisurely procession of the Monolith epic ballad captivates with thoughtfulness and impressive melody. The epic narrative of the Join the Separated Symbiote saga alternates the romantic tunes of an acoustic guitar and the inspirational musings of pensive clean vocals alternate with explosions of furious drive and furious growling.
Tearing the fetters and breaking the shackles My Roads Have Red Veins creates a bewitching unity of the melodic anthem and the furious musical thriller. In the middle of the composition, muffled vocal thoughts in the twilight atmosphere distract from the frantic drive. Starting with an incredibly sad cry of clean vocals, regretting a lot of lost opportunities, Tota Mors Certa Est then pumps up drive waves, crowned with emotional screaming growling experiences, then combining these phrases in a duet with clean vocals. Valediction completes the album, starting with thoughtful reflections, then exploding with a whirlwind of artistic drive twisting around vocal phrases.