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Transformation for the sake of peace

May 17, 2020
Tyler Kamen - Transformation

The Main Attraction begins the Tyler Kamen - Transformation album with a bewitching mystery of dancing of muffled vocal phrases and sparkling with twilight shadows of mysterious musical passages. Complementing the musical narrative with romantic shades in which one regrets the sadness of thoughtfulness, All The Leaves They Shake fascinates with the epic tenderness of a romantic ballad.
Bringing progressive variations to the music, Inside Out in a playful dance weaves sparkling musical variations and a vocal duet of dominant male vocals with the background female vocals. Returning again to ballad romanticism, Better Man raises the vocal part to the top of the musical image in anticipation of the final fragment, continuing the musical motifs in the Transformation title track, twisting lace of sparkling guitar solo from them.
The noise of the surf is displaced the artistic grandeur of the guitar solo and the peculiar symphony of keyboard passages, combined with the vocal part in the The Harbor music as wise mystery. In an atmosphere of unclear mystery, the Just As It Was vocals experiences control the variations of musical passages, highlighting several vocal parts, sometimes weaving them in a duet or complementing each other. The artistic chime of the acoustic guitar strings mesmerizes with incredible calm, sometimes complementing the Seasons Are Turning music with melody of the electric guitar solo and rare vocal inclusions.
Peaceful romanticism walks in the More Than You Know sound as gentle tread, slowly bringing peace and tranquility, introducing a whirlwind of guitar solos and wordless vocal tunes of inspiration. Wake Me Up When Its Over completes the album with pulsating trends of funky style, intertwined with the rock-n-roll spirit.