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Trance of the most formations

December 14, 2021
Anomalie (AUT) - Tranceformation

The mesmerizing sound of bardic sagas embodied in a modern musical style captivates with the Trance I: The Tree intro's guitar solo, then completing the beginning of the Anomalie (AUT) - Tranceformation album with a vocal narrative.
Then preserving the atmosphere of the ancient fairy tale the Trance II: Relics (feat. Nornagest) song is transformed at first by epic vocal proclamations of the storyteller, but then after a short bridge it transforms the sound, hardening the vocal part to a furious screaming and the music to include elements of restrained drive, preserving the atmosphere of the mysterious fairy tale nevertheless. But then the sound returns to the epic saga, complementing the main vocal with background support chorales.
After raising the banners of mystical mystery and embodying in full the leitmotif of the composition, the Trance III: Alive song explodes with a furious drive, then complicating in a progressive direction the rhythmic structure and mesmerizing with artistic versatility, advising the male vocals in a duet with the singing lady.
The Trance IV: Nemesis composition combines inspiring tunes of clean vocals with the desperation of furious screaming, coiled in spiraling unity around the spiraling axis of the leitmotif. But then more and more diverse elements appear in the sound.
The soft and mesmerizing introduction creates intrigue before the sounding of the main musical essence of the Trance V: Cerulean Sun (feat. Sakis Tolis) composition, which seems to take us to the heavenly distances and enchants with fairy tale coverings. It should be noted clearly and comprehensively the influence of the guest musician on the sound of this musical creation. The Trance VI: Eternal Burden song completes the album in its usual manner of sounding, supplementing the main vocals by the background singing of the musical weapon brothers.