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Torture quiet and silent more efficient

March 26, 2023
Make Them Die Slowly - Ferox

The announcement of the wise pastor about the peculiarities of such a movie begins with the Profonde Tenebre story of the musical procession of the Make Them Die Slowly - Ferox album, ending with a melodic guitar solo, foreshadowing the whirlwind of drive and vocals impatience of the Murder Night composition, weaving the vocal part and varying the tempo and shades of sound with symphonic echoes, more fully embodied in the unhurried and pensive procession of the Demoni musical fairy tale.
The grinding of a chainsaw portends a rapid explosion of the frantic drive of the Pieces musical thriller, twisting a whirlwind of musical passages around the vocals part, somewhat taming the tempo in the chorus in the preceding twilight atmosphere with notes of a fairy tale in the sound of The Mutilator epic saga, then in the Of Jackal And Demon Born musical fairy tale starting symphonic influences with chorales and the subsequent solemn march.
After an inspired fairy tale, The Bastards Have Landed composition rises in a rapid flight of musical haste, bringing shades of musical charm to the musical passages, then pushing the vocal part to the forefront of The Nights Of Terror musical image, complementing the vocal narrative with rhythmic sound and bright sparkle of guitar riffs and solos. After an exciting introduction, the vocal part crowns the crests of the musical waves of the Eaten Alive! composition, enchanting with an exciting unity of music and vocals in the chorus, completing the album with an equally fascinating and indenturing sound of the Murder Night (The Final Girl) musical fairy tale, entwined with twilight covers of instrumental bridges with shades of mystery.