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Together we experience despair of loneliness

September 07, 2020
Rikard Sjoblom's Gungfly - Alone Together

The unhurried procession of the Traveler vocal narration alternates and combines with incredibly progressive improvisations of instrumental fragments, complementing the vocal phrases with enchanting reflections of the melodism of guitar solos and crowning the musical image with the artistic charm of keyboard passages. The Happy Somewhere in Between track continues the Rikard Sjoblom's Gungfly - Alone Together album with a mesmerizing combination of guitar improvisations and keyboard passages, wrapping vocal reflections in a progressive lace of inspiring motifs.
The acoustic chime of a guitar solo captivates with a pacifying romance, mesmerizing with romantic reflections of the Clean as a Whistle sophisticated ballad, beginning the vocal narration with muted pensiveness. The title track Alone Together starts with the mesmerizing melody of an unforgettable guitar solo, then brings unexpected transformations with progressive improvisations and a touch of emotional despair with saddened vocal phrases.
The whirlwind of the guitar solo envelops the From Afar vocal phrases, creating an atmosphere of intriguing mystery, which is revealed by inspiring artistry in the musical narration of the On the Shoulders of Giants composition, more fully and ambiguously revealing the elements and premises inherent in the previous song. This musical saga concludes the main part of the album, complementing this release with the sound of the Grove Thoughts (Bonus track) and Shoulder Variations (Bonus track) bonus tracks.