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To understand the essence of looking inside the core

June 07, 2017
Extravasion - Origins Of Magma

Can not study, it is inconceivable the origin of this - perhaps Extravasion - Origins Of Magma will indicate both of them?
The restrained and brief instrumental introduction Castle takes us to the mythical expanses. After a dreamy and sublime introduction,Flames Of Industry sweeps everything around into the abyss of unrestrained drive, furiously and indignantly combining harsh and furious vocal passages with energetic and harsh music.
The title track Origins Of Magma draws you into a whirlwind of mysterious dance, circling in indescribable passages and complex, volatile motifs of musical delights around clear and sharp vocal phrases.
Viscous, gloomy guitar parts create an atmosphere of oppressive despair, but insisting on the need for resistance. After brief guitar solo, the muffled and angry growling vocals complements the musical image of Circle Of Life.
The atmosphere of the bar's lounge is complemented by President Trump's dialogue with the Bankster person who is tempting him, figuring out why he needs money and power. Trump yearns for war, enslaves the world, subordinates him to his whims. Viscous, dense leisurely music finishes the warlike phrases of Trump. Then the music rushes into a frenzied drive, supplementing the sharp screaming vocal phrases with powerful support. This multi-valued composition ends with a progressive extravaganza of various gloomy and viscous motifs.
So bright and gloomy round dance of guitar riffs circling around Consume vocal phrases like foggy whirlwind of changeable images.
La Nuit completing the album with the fierce and gloomy, but complex and fascinating dance of changeable, bright and sparkling guitar breaks, alternating with the viscous, meaningful and solemn march of the evil beings of malicious French vocal phrases. At the end of the composition oriental motifs are introducing the aroma of spices and the hot air of the desert, but again rushes into the impetuous impulsive drive! But the oriental motifs returns from oblivion, completing the composition.