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To trials without fear and reproach!

October 17, 2022
Reanimator - Horns Up

The drum roll of the intro creates a battle march atmosphere, then rolls in waves of guitar riffs on the main motif of the Electric Circle Pit composition, speeding up like a whirlwind of drive in anticipation of the vocals intro, but again returning to a mid-tempo march in the lyrics of the verse and rising like a whirlwind in the chorus, anticipating the continuation of the Reanimator - Horns Up album with a rapid flight of musical unrestraint of the Rush for the Mosh song.
The guitar solo of the intro lifts the banners of the main motive of the Tempted By Deviance solemn march, honoring the valor of the squad with its confident procession, followed by the persistent sound of the musical drive of the Thieves of Society track, complemented by emotional vocals rebellion and artistic reflections of guitar solos of instrumental bridges.
A whirlwind of unbridled drive of guitar riffs carries The Abominautor vocal part to the pursuit of exciting adventures, weaving music and vocals in a single whirlwind, continuing with the sparkling and bright drive of The Mosh Master musical thriller.
The whirlwind of unrestrained guitar riffs of the Still Sick composition is crowned by inspirational and charismatic vocal appeals, continuing in the bright pursuit of the Off With Their Heads song, hastily and persistently making its way to the chosen goal, dispelling twilight barriers with the unity of music and vocals in anticipation of the bright melodic sound of the Mock a Mockingbird composition, which brings out the final chords of the musical history of the album.