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To the creation of everything is worthwhile to come thoughtfully and consciously

June 06, 2018
Xenoblight - Procreation

The lover plays under the balcony a beloved minstrel ballad on an acoustic guitar, starting the Xenoblight - Procreation album with the title track, which serves as an introduction to the next Descension song, developing the motif of the previous composition in the pressing and binding motifs of melodic prostration. Vocal intertwines with musical delights fascinating laces, from time to time exploding with bright impulses, but again putting on enchanting epic motifs.
The compositions are again intertwined, integrating the sound indissolubly - Shapeshifter begins with a pulsating march, enveloping vocal phrases with incredible mystery, captivating the listener with the incredible mysticism of the introduction. Then the wave of furious drive penetrates the enchanted limits, completing magical passages with rigidity and unrestraint.
The Obsidian Chromatism introduction bestows the mystical charm that music and vocal support at an unprecedented level, fascinating with its sound - raising the idea to an incredible level, the vocals angulate the main motive manifested in the introduction, the musical shades envelop it with enchanting mystery.
So complex and incredibly progressive musical extravaganza begins the composition, the band's title track Xenoblight continuing with an incredible combination of instrumental frills.
Music and vocals are first rooted in the emotional search for vague decisions, in a vowel the vocals leave the growling in frank screaming, complementing the growling with only the threshold of the Nocturnal Manifestations chorus, in which the majestic hymn waves the solemn banner of prowess and significance.
Being manifested in a thoughtful march, Transcendence moves forward in a leisurely thoughtful procession ... suddenly lifting up the same melody in an incredibly impetuous impulse, supplementing the musical drive with vocal phrases.
The swift guitar solo takes on Kill Yourself so frenzied vocal scream, then weaves in unrestrained impetuosity with the vocal part ... but stop, and the new musical outline is rapidly developing in the furious procession of an uncontrollable drive, somewhat Predominance more distinct in comparison with the previous composition, but still very vigorous and rapid. In the choruses the musical canvas becomes thoughtful and laborious, densely and persistently promoting accumulated thoughts and ideas in a pulsating march. Guitar solo in the instrumental part gives the composition a twist of dark romance, oriental motifs impart spicy trends. But violent vocal phrases return attention to the drive, briefly referring to a somewhat different musical style.
The dark fog of mysterious mystical ideas envelops the Virus introduction with vague guesses, then power and fury break through the gloomy mystery, densely and persistently carrying away the musical outline on the instructions of the vocal orders. In the instrumental part, the phantasmagoria of improvisations admires ingenuity - keeping in anticipation of subsequent band's albums.