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To overcome the reaper you have to search much deeper

January 06, 2017
Starkill - Shadow Sleep

Sacrament so mysterious, it is necessary to seek wisdom deeply, so deep - have to find it in Starkill - Shadow Sleep !
Danced in a different rhythm, enthusiastic and fun guitar riff, inspired by keyboards motifs, calls us to Walk Through Fire, vocals changes between clean and growl to enhance that desire.
Fiercely and eagerly advancing, paving the way in effort to Burn Your World, guitar riffs envelops in vortices, clutching with ornament of their ornate frills.
Clothe yourselves with inaudible haze, surrounded by unexpected horrors Through the Darkness complemented with the atmosphere of gothic symphony, unites clean male vocals and shade of female one, melodic keyboards turns serves as a fresco in the church of the fallen gloomy darkness.
After chants of Shadowfiends have to be violent and powerful intro casted by Shadow Sleep, but darkness much tougher and can't be so easily defeated! In returns with its tunes, but resistance is hard enough - that's title track as well!
Delicate notes of the piano open, indicate the leitmotif and move aside to return again and again while so Cloudless sounds as lyric story, combined variety of clean vocals supported by growling guards.
But the dark gloomy symphony do not give up, promoted to the fore lady in black, that promises Piece of Paradise for everyone of us. Thus dark romance captivates.
Organ symphony begins the narration, serving as the basis for melody. Otherwise, Ruin around us exposes with sad and emotional vocal phrases, summoning the clean and growling vocals impulses and combining both of them with melodical sublime keyboards passage.
The guitar expression makes the intro joining Into the Grey with another in dancing manner, fast and hurried in its quick rush.
Powerful ragged bursts starts Razor's Edge, it's so mad in its fast and sharp parties. Furious, hasty and disappointing dance combines clean vocals and growls, streaking in the dance towards the melodic chorus, in which the hero asks to set him free!
Starting with fierce gust of anger, which claims - there is No Savior, but next hops in a reassuring manner, clean vocals inspires faith and hope. The future and destiny, but the growling demon returns - but the resistance will enter into a debate with him.
Hope is painted in various shades, the dark colors are not retreating, and requires Erase Me everyone else.
So flaunts a joyful dance, supplemented with impatient keyboards inclusions, but do not hide doubt the best album of the outcome of a hurry to tell Farewell to all of us.
But the farewell was not the last - those, who Captive of the Night remains here with a lot of stiles, combined in the last song of the album - the last one, and, maybe, better from another.