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To err is human

March 11, 2020
Fractured Insanity - Massive Human Failure

Exploding rampant drive in the introduction Crusade of the Offended entangles significant phrases of severe growling with rounds of solemn melody, then again and again exploding with fierce whirlwinds of rampant musical drive. But sometimes rhythmic pulsations complement the musical composition with a march of battle march. The leader’s proclamations continue to the Fractured Insanity - Massive Human Failure album's sound, then weaving a howling siren with a combination of news programs weaving different languages and countries in the same horror of a nuclear war. But then the M.A.D. music rolls in waves of a gloomy eerie, complementing the growling fierce vocal cries of the severe darkness of musical eerie. Further, the music speeds up the pace to a restrained drive swiftness, slightly stepping over the average pace and varies in the vocal part screaming and growling.
Again and again, varying the rhythmic pattern of the musical canvas, Baphomet Bringer of a Free Mind explodes with a swift whirlwind of furious growling, then it complements the composition with brief meditations of guitars fingering breaks. Tightly, stubbornly and severely Hell of No Man's Land marches through a procession of viscous march, rejecting swiftness, but raising the significance of the vocal narrative and the rhythmic power of musical passages to the forefront of the musical image. The title track Massive Human Failure continues this harsh march into the introduction, but then shares the harsh vocal reflections with the musical drive of the fast-moving rhythmic component. But musical bridges bring a touch of reflection and reflection to clean vocals.
The Reflecting of the Soul noise of the wind against the background of a soft acoustic guitar solo is the introduction to the gloomy grandeur of a dense musical rampart, combining fierce vocal cries with musical passages into the grandeur of Rothschild's Disease dark anthem, after the entry of an uncontrolled drive rushing in a fierce race.
Exploding in a whirlwind of furious drive, the music of Panic Abuser composition braids the vocal phases with a bewitching tunnel of anger and power, completing the measures with a final emphasis. Weaving the mesmerizing melody of the guitar solo Rise All Above builds on its basis the main motive of the musical narrative, completing the album with a procession of a medium-tempo march.